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About Us


Şükür Kuruyemiş started nuts and dried fruits sector in 1973 with roasted chickpea production in Denizli. Our company gained dominance in the field with rapid progress. As it began exporting in 1996, the company moved its headquarters to Istanbul. Şükür Kuruyemiş, while improving its foreign customer portfolio every day, continued to make progress under the organization of Destan Foreign Trade and Food Industry limited Co., which started activities for the international trade in 2005.

Today, Destan Foreign Trade and Food Industry limited Co. continues growing with sure steps in the foreign trade by widening its product range. The trust obtained thanks to correct and honest commercial approach prevented the company with not losing any customers. We have activities in the nuts field with the Şükür Kuruyemiş and Cipso Turka® brands and in the dried fruits field with Trusty® brand. Our products selected carefully by experts are packed in hygienic conditions and modern facilities while preserving their naturalness.

Our main products are, roasted chickpeas of Denizli, hazelnut of Ordu and Giresun, dried apricot of Malatya, dried figs of Aydin and raisin of Manisa. Also a lot of agricultural products such as chickpeas, lentil, bean, poppy, sesame.
We are exporting our products to mainly America, Germany, France, Austria, Canada, Australia, Russia, Greece, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Eagypt, Tunusia, Jordan, Algeria, India, Vietnam, China, Uganda, Tanzania, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and more.

Our company is among the top ten leading hazelnut exporting companies. Continues increasing its success in the international trade by importing almond from America, cashew and walnut from India, pumpkin seed from Ukraine, sesame from Africa, and earthnut from China …

Our company represents itself successfully and develops new markets in a lot of exhibitions and promotion organizations, national and international (Anuga, Sial, etc.).

Our purpose is honest commerce and continuous customer satisfaction.

Best regards.

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